Click on a banner that interests you to learn how YOU can make a difference!  Many excellent nonprofits have seen their funding decimated in recent years while the needs of their clients have skyrocketed. Please help by donating, organizing a fundraising campaign, or joining our iCare team. Donations are tax-deductible, and your donations go directly to the nonprofit to which you donate. So be part of it too!

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Create your own fundraising campaign for your favorite non-profit and ask your friends to help. Curlys Carpet Repair Vancouver has already helped us with the initial funding.

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Anne Arundel Cares Video

Please watch this 30 second commercial about the number of people struggling in Anne Arundel County and how you can help through Anne Arundel Cares.  Then please pick one of more of our partner nonprofits and support their work! The proceeds will go to our next housing project which will be lead by

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Season of Caring Newsletter

The number of Anne Arundel residents living in poverty has increased by 46% since 2006.  To make this problem even worse, the county has cut funding for nonprofits who exist to help them by 80% since 2006.  Anne Arundel Cares was created to support the nonprofits doing excellent work in Anne... Read More

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Founding Sponsors Who Care