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Monarch Academy (Glen Burnie)

Monarch Academy is a public charter school that provides students with an enriched, rigorous, hands-on academic curriculum emphasizing adventure-based learning and the arts and technology.

Raise money for the Monarch Academy

Can you show how much you care by asking others to support the excellent work of the Monarch Academy? You can create your own fundraising page in five minutes, and then ask your friends and family to donate to the Monarch Academy via Facebook, email, or Twitter.

Raise Money


Volunteers are needed to help at fundraising events or on fundraising committees.  They can also provide general support in landscaping, painting or volunteering in the school with remediation, field trips, or sharing of special skills.

Development Associate: Thomas Willis

Phone: 410-491-5026

Email: willist@childrensguild.org

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Learn More

Please contact the Monarch Academy for more information:

Web site: http://www.monarchcharter.org/glen-burnie

Main Phone: (410) 760-2072

Address: 6730 Baymeadow Dr.

Glen Burnie, MD 21060

Primary Contact:

Development Associate: Thomas Willis

Phone: (410) 491-5026

Email: willist@childrensguild.org

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Founding Sponsors Who Care
Founding Sponsors Who Care