Season of Caring Newsletter

The number of Anne Arundel residents living in poverty has increased by 46% since 2006.  To make this problem even worse, the county has cut funding for nonprofits who exist to help them by 80% since 2006.  Anne Arundel Cares was created to support the nonprofits doing excellent work in Anne Arundel County.  The Anne Arundel Cares website was launched on September 7, 2012, and we were thrilled to be able to raise $32,160 for local nonprofits during our first week! 

Our Founder and Chair, Joanna Conti, talks about why Anne Arundel Cares was formed on this Comcast Newsmaker interview:


As we head into the holiday Season of Caring, please consider devoting a portion of your charitable giving to nonprofits making a difference close to home.  Visit the Anne Arundel Cares website to learn about the terrific work dozens of local nonprofits are doing to help our struggling neighbors and to strengthen education, health care, public safety, the arts and the environment.  Donations go directly to the nonprofit you designate and are fully tax-deductible.

Want to help even more?  Consider creating a "People Who Care" team to raise money and volunteers for your favorite nonprofit.  Learn more here.

To spark your interest, the following stories show the tremendous difference some of our nonprofit partners are making.  Thank you for caring and doing what you can to support their crucial work!


Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kenton, Jr. and their three children became homeless when the house they were renting went into foreclosure.  With both parents temporarily unemployed, they feared they would be living on the streets.  Sarah's House provided a safe living environment for the Kentons while both parents found jobs and saved up for transitional housing.  The family is very excited to soon move into Public Housing.  Help Sarah's House help homeless families move towards self-sufficiency. 




When 8-year-old Billy came to the Summit School, he was so angry and moody that his previous teachers had labeled him emotionally disturbed and told his mom to give up.  As he realized he was smart, Billy gained control of his frustrations.  Today Billy looks destined to change the world.  While earning his B.S. with a specialty in biomedical engineering, Billy designed and built a prosthetic device.  He is now working on his master’s degree.  Help the Summit School help bright children with dylexsia reach their potential




An alarming number of children today are considering suicide.  As one young patient of the Robert A. Pascal Youth & Family Services Center reports, “I was referred to the center by my guidance counselor.  In fact, the very day of my referral I had planned to commit suicide.  I wanted to end the years of pain and suffering I carried as a result of an abusive childhood and death seemed my only option.  But through your center and the excellent therapeutic interventions I received, I not only learned how to heal the pain but truly live life.”  Please help the Pascal Center help our youth struggling with mental illness.



The beautiful Severn River is severely polluted, partly as a result of the amount of sediment flowing into the river after a heavy rain.  Over the years since the Carriage Hills development was built, water rushing out of a storm drain had dug a deep ditch 450 feet long.  In some areas, over fifteen vertical feet of soil had been carried into the Severn.  The Severn Riverkeeper team filled the eroded channel and constructed a regenerative stream conveyance system that allows stormwater to trickle slowly down through a sloped series of ponds, seeping into the ground as it goes.  Help the Severn Riverkeeper Program restore the Severn.





The Anne Arundel Cares website tells stories about the difference that about 50 local nonprofits are making in Anne Arundel County.  Please find a nonprofit whose work speaks to your heart and support their work by making a donation or offering to volunteer.  And if your favorite nonprofit isn't already partnering with Anne Arundel Cares, please have them request an application by emailing

Congratulations to Opportunity Builders, Inc., the Center of Help, and the All Children's Chorus of Annapolis who each raised over $5,000 during Anne Arundel Cares Week for their important work.  And thank you very much to Capital One Bank and an anonymous business for their generous sponsorship!


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